Wednesday, December 15, 2010



I'm updating A Cup of Tea, but I haven't had time nor been in the mood to do anything "crafty".

Friday, September 17, 2010

Art is Food for the Soul

Just ask Harmony of Feed Your Soul Art. This gal...she is kind of sort of freaking amazing. The hardest part of crafting for me is time management. I never get anything done because I whine and complain about how much homework I have and blah blah blah but then sit on my butt and read blogs for an hour. Now
(both via her etsy)

Oh and did I mention she's having a giveaway at her blog? Oh, I didn't? Well, there ya go.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Music Mondays: Wrock edition!

Music Playlist at

Oh look, I found a new playlist site! With video!

This post is on of those "well I don't know how this will go over, but I love it so I'm going to share" posts. Lately I've been obsessed with Wizard Rock (or Potter Rock) and, I admit it, it's nerdy, but I adore it. It just shows, you can be inspired by anything!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday 8/17

(photo via photobucket)

Hello everyone, long time no blog! Schools back in session so that would be the reason I've been lacking on my Monday & Tuesday regular posts. But, I realized today while I was sitting in Psych class that I want to make bunting. I'm not even sure what for. It's just pretty and makes me feel that there's a party everyday. Life's a party, your house should feel like it!

So, some googling lead me to this tutorial at Stitch. Rip. Repeat.

This project would be great for people who have a ton of scrap fabric on hand. I'm not a fabric person so this gives me an excuse to raid the sale section of my craft stores and go thrifting. Yay thifting!

Friday, August 6, 2010

My posts, they are meaningful.

You know how some bloggers simply find those images with flowers or rain with white text saying something incredibly deep or depressing?

Well I flippin' made one :D Who's meaningful now.

Don't get me wrong, I love images like these with something inspirational or happy but I recently saw a few that said things such as "I wish I could just disappear" or "You will never know my pain." Why? What's the point of those? To make your readers feel sorry for you? Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

On a bit preppier note, change is in the air. I'm going to be fixing a few things on the layout, so excuse the mess for the next few days.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Music Monday: The pathetic edition

I don't have access to the interwebs on my laptop so I'm dreadfully sorry for this lame post. I'm typing this on my mothers computer and don't have time to get a playlist together (even though I tried to lean 8tracks today. I failed).

So here's a video by one of my favorite vloggers of a song by All Caps. It's not something I would normally listen to, but the video is adorable. Aaannndd I'm trying to learn a bunch about the art of film making and where else would I do this besides Youtube?!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sketch & Scibbles drop

Hehe, I know I said before that I can't draw, but lately I've been trying rather hard to learn. Here's what I've been working on the last few months...and I'm dreadfully sorry for all the photos!

Work in progress...first time trying to get someone to look like a person. I'll do something with the shirt to take the eye off the face 0_0
A quick teaser of my drawing/painting/charcoal mess that I need to do something with...I dunno what yet.Catdog! If I ignore the eraser marks, I like it alot. Of course I had a reference. Oh and what's that? I'm so proud I have close ups? 1 2A very, very rough sketch of a character I never got to use :( He was so charming.

Another rough gentlemen...I seem to have a thing for beards and glasses.

Any ideas to jazz up my rough little sketches? I really would love to learn how to draw correctly so any tutorial links would earn you lots of love for a certain girlie.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What is Art?

photo by fotologic on flicker

Seriously? What is it? When I told people I was going to take the summer off and just relax and work on my art they went, "Oh, you draw?", I can't draw to save my life. Since when is drawing the only art form?

I believe that art is up to the artist.

Art is anything and everything.
Art is an expression.
Art is creativity.
Art is making something outta nothing.
Art is not a masterpiece, it's something you're proud of.

I wouldn't call myself is artist. I enjoy it, but I'm not going to make money off it or go prancing around calling myself an artist just yet. I'm practicing and trying a little bit of everything. In fact, if I could spend my life doing a job that included painting(water color of course), writing, music, mixed media, building, movie making and fashion all snuggled up together in one, I'd be the happiest gal alive.

Until then I'll enjoy my little hobby and label it whatever the heckle I feel like.

What do you consider "art"? Does it have to fit into a certain category or be beautiful? I wanna hear your thoughts!

A Very Potter Musical Monday!

I was debating whether or not to feature these amazing people today or not. I love them so much, they are such an inspiration to me but I feel weird posting about something so popular that people already know about. Then it hit me--I need to blog about things I love about. If I didn't, then what's the point?

That's why I once again have a long, excited fan girl type post today.

I've always wanted to write a play or musical. These guys make me want to pick up a childhood book and start adapting it into ridiculous musical numbers.

Team Starkid (or known as Starkidpotter on youtube) is a group of former University of Michigan students who started performing together. In April 2009 they performed an original musical based on the Harry Potter sequel by J.K Rowling. Then, on July 5th 2009 it was uploaded to Youtube with the title A Very Potter Musical and almost instantly became a hit due to it's comedy and brilliant music. At seeing the great response from this, they then uploaded a project they had done previous to AVPM called Little White Lies, a web series. It didn't get quite the same response as a full blown stage musical. Their next show was Me and My Dick...which I have yet to watch due to it's topic.

Buuuut, just last Thrusday they answered their 57115 subscribers and uploaded A Very Potter Sequel! With pretty much the same cast (+ two of their amazingly talented writes with non-singing roles) and all new songs it packs a punch. It's a bit more vulgar and has a bit of "Starkid trying to be starkid" feel to it, but man oh man, these guys can't go wrong.

I was going to post a video of the sequel but I think you need to be hooked to the first one to really some of the jokes. Anyway, their first video has the best song in my opinion.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: I like gum.

I like gum.
Do you like gum?


So I'm pretty sure everyone in the entire world knows how to make a gum wrapper chain except me. I may have to wait until school starts to try this on account of lack of gum wrappers. I haven't been chewing as much as I used to, so I'll have to steal some of friends. Anyway, I'm always on the lookout for things to upcycle into jewelry so I don't know why this hasn't crossed my mind. It doesn't have to be gum wrappers. I'd love to try this with book pages because I pretty much love vintage book page jewelry (I assume there's another name for this).

Oh and sorry for the overly colored photo of a still from Grease, I'm trying out my light textures. I actually made some! I'm so happy. I'm working on resizing and coloring and all that jazz and will probably release a pack on DeviantArt when I figure out how to do that :D So next month-ish. I'm really getting into digital art...almost enough to give up my dream of being a poorly paid high school English teacher and become a designer. Doubtful.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Music Mondays: I love Pomplamoose! (a bit too much)

Whew, I'm back! My trip was tiring and stressful and wonderful at the same time. I needed to unplug and get out into "the wilderness" aka a ranch with hotel-like cabins surrounded by the prettiest forests and rivers. However, I would have never made it through the weekend without my newly stocked iTunes library.

I've been obsessed with this little couple on Youtube for quite a while and I just now have given in and paid for one of their CD's because let's face it, it's hard to live without their wonderful music! Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn have created their own whimsy corner of the internet and it's where I go when I'm in need of inspiration or had a terrible horrible no good rotten very bad day. Their band Pomplamoose is nothing I've ever heard before. I literally can't describe it. Think of it as an aqua colored cupcake served at a tea party for cowboys and spacemen.

They make videos. Video songs to be exact. Each of their videos show how the make the music so you know there are no hidden sounds or gimmicks. Pomplamoose is pure, raw talent. It's an art form. I wouldn't be getting so passionate about them (or any other music) if it wasn't.

Another thing I adore about these two is that in a video taken right after one of their first songs she Nataly says, "I was afraid I wasn't animated enough...I wasn't, like, flirting with the camera. I was just singing. Is that okay?" and then dear Jack responses with, "Of course. You're not fake." And that sums them up. They're not fake. They're adorable and brilliant and oh my gosh I'll just post a video already! If I can pick one...

Oh, and have you seen that car commercial with the indie cover of Mister Sandman in the background? Yeah, that's them too.

Pomplamoose Music
^^There you will find all of their music along with links to Jack's and Nat's music and other projects!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If it seems quiet around here...

It's because I'm traveling! My family reunion is this weekend, miles away from civilization in Minnesota (which actually is more urban than South Dakota, but we're staying in a camp of some sort). Regular scheduled blogging will return for Music Monday. I have big plans for the coming week! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: The late night/early morning edition!

There's a cricket under my bed.He's not making any noise at the moment, but I know as soon as I try to go to bed the little bugger will keep me up all night. So, why not get a head start on Tutorial Tuesday...since it is Tuesday. Early morning tuesday...or late night monday... Ah, screw it, I'll finish the post when I'm sane.


After two cups of coffee and hours and hours of sleeping in, I think I'm sane enough to update. Today's inspiration actually hasn't been rotting in my favorites for years. My mom sent me a link to Donna Downey's blog Simply Me because she not only is she an amazing artist and business lady, but she hosts Inspiration Wednesday; where she posts tutorial videos. Now, I don't stamp. I'm jobless and stamping is a very expensive hobby. Donna Downey is definitely a stamper. So, instead of following her videos, I improvised. She uses acrylic paint and I'm scared of real paint so I used water color to see if I could get the same effect as she did in this video:

inspiration wednesday 6 30 10 from donna downey on Vimeo.

I just tried the flowers and I learned that I really like mixing colors :) It makes me feel like a little kid.

^Accidental Drippage & crappy grass & if you turn your head it's a flower

This post took forever.
Hope you're happy.

You know what I love?

I love staying up past my critics* bedtime and doodling with gel pen and painting over it just to see what will happen and then saying "aw, screw it, this thing needs bright green poka-dots (pokadots? poke-a-dots?)" all while listening to struggling youtube singers with amazing talent. I also love writing run-on-sentences.

*my critic is a fictional character stolen from Diana Trout in her book Journal Spilling (which is pretty inspiring if you, like me, love journals and ruining them with water color). You're critic is that little voice in your head that says something like, "No, that's not what you planned to do." or "You've gotten this far, why don't you just stop before you screw it up? You'll never get it back" or something more simple such as "Just give up". My critic is my 13 year old self only dramatized into oblivion. She only wears black and ripped tights which she bought ripped and worships pop punk bands. She hates the color pink and doesn't like any of my ideas because they are too "conformist" (yet she loves Twilight, the bible of conformism, because it's "dark and gothic"). She is a complete and total hypocrite because she thinks I should work harder to make my craft look like everyone elses. Basically, my critic is the world's most annoying pre-teen.

What's your critic like?

p.s. Sorry for the lack of grammar. It's late and I don't quite care.

p.p.s Want to hear some of the music I was talking about? Have a gander. This is Julia Nunes with an amazing cover of an amazing song. This blog is starting to become musical :D

Monday, July 12, 2010

Music Mondays: In The Sun

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There seems to be a theme here. I don't believe I've been outside for more than 10 hours this summer due to a sprained ankle. It's semi-better so I'm hoping to get outside in the sun before school starts in a few weeks!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Childhood's a'calling

I grew up with scrapbooking and fancy shamcy craft supplies in my life. When I was five instead of finger painting I was pounding eyelets and using straight-cutters. I never got to the chance to paper-mache or anything else requiring good old Elmer's glue. So, I've been reclaiming my childhood and learning how to mix glue and water. I give you a real conversation between my mother and I:

Me: "What's the water to glue ratio?"

Mom: "3 parts glue, 1 part water?"

Me: "Uhh...what should I put this in?"

Mom: "I'm guessing a cup. Oh wait, a cup that can be thrown away."

Me: "What should I use? Like a paint brush? Won't the glue ruin it?"

Mom: "You'll wash the paint brush."

Me: "Oh...yeah...washing...right."

I was clueless. However, I think these frames came out really well. Making them is really addicting.
The first frame was made for my room, the second for my BF for his birthday...and yes that is Team Rocket and yes I did make it :) Yay for nerdy Demotivational Posters. Two pretty frames for 60 cents.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

Okay, so it's not Tuesday anymore but I'm still up and truth be told, I completely forgot about the new segment I was going to add to the blog this week. I'm having way too much fun on my "new blog high".

It's Tutorial Tuesday, which means me digging though my bookmarks for those long forgotten "Oh, that would be so cool to follow! I'll have to do that sometime!" crafts tutorials and actually doing them this week.
You Don't Need New Paint Brushes.
No, Really.

I know this isn't really anything crafty, but it sure did throw me a loop. I'm one of those people that get tired after painting (or anything else really) and just leave everything out on the table. The next morning I wake up to find not only my art table a mess, but also my paint brushes. There's really no saving those babies. So, off to the nearest HobbyLobby I go. Or, I could just put my brushes in plastic baggies before calling it quit for the night. As simple as it seems I never really thought about it.

Freakin' Adorable Teeny-Tiny Faerie Journals
They're just about the cutest damn thing.

The brainchild on Kinckertwist, a fellow Craftster member, these Faerie Journals are just the right size for someone with the attention span of a small mammal, such as myself. I've been wanting to create some of these are journals and make them into charms for necklaces and such. Now to find a small hole punch...and some people who would be willing to take the thousands I plan to make off my hands...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Music Mondays: You can fly!

I don't have the resources to offer free mp3s for my readers, but I do have the resources to offer some awesome tunes to listen to for a while. Let these songs inspire you, they sure do inspire me.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Birthday Aftershock

Yesterday was my 17th birthday, so not much got done. The only thing I had time to do was to write up a little explanation of an art journal for my cousins present...and yes, I decided that would be my art-a-day project. Today I'll only have time to design a cover for her art journal, if even that. It's rather sad how busy this weekend is.
p.s. OMG I GOT A CAMERA! So I can actually, you know, take pictures of my projects.

p.p.s This was a boring post. So I leave you with a Pie comic. Pie was created by the brilliant John McNamee and I envy him quite a lot. Get ready for some Pie realted arts & crafts (yes, I'm that much of a nerd).

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Walls o' Wonder

(via Craftster)

I have this addiction to interior design right now. I think it steams from my love of architect but knowing that I can't even do high school level math. Or maybe it's just because pretty rooms make me happy. Anyway, I've been collecting frames and wall art for a few weeks now, wanting to create a wall of mirrors, frames, art and all things awesome. I have to wait a while to set up said wall because I've decided to re-do my entire bed room. Until then I've been drooling over other peoples wonderful walls.

(The Selby, An online Boutique, Martha Stewart, Craftser x2)


I've been looking forward to this event since early June! I'm so excited! From what I've gathered Art-a-day-July is an event someone posted on Facebook and has slithered over to Craftster (my hang out for the last month) where a July. The name pretty much sums it up. For more info and some amazing arts & crafts check out the Facebook invite page.

However, this will most likely be the biggest challenge ever for me because July is the busiest month for my family. My birthday's tomorrow, my cousin's on the 3rd, my grandfather's on the 4th, my boyfriend's on the 7th and then my brothers on the 9th! Tons of birthdays. Then I have a reunion to go to on the 16th through the 18th. Oh, and organizing a yard sale by myself. Yay...?
Anyway, I'm more like going to work on something artsy everyday since I can't push something to create something in a day :/

Today I worked on my first pair of button earrings, and boy, do I need to invest in some more jump rings! Holy cheese, Batman! Maybe that's what I should have asked for for my birthday...

This is what I was inspired by. These were not done by me! They're too awesome. I've been trying my hand at a black and white pair but they're not turning out as good. Anyone have any ideas on how this Craftster (I forgot who did them, I'll go on a search tonight) created these earrings?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A getaway of artistic proportion.

I desperately needed a way to remove myself from my depressing personal/fashion blog and find someway to inspire myself. Say hello to my new baby. Hopefully Where Art Art will challenge me to create and play and help me get into blogging a bit more. A Cup of Tea is more of a personal ranting and I felt weird having people reading it, so that will most likely become private and this blog will hoard all my projects, inspiration, contests, and artistic frustrations.

Ahh, that new blog smell!