Friday, September 17, 2010

Art is Food for the Soul

Just ask Harmony of Feed Your Soul Art. This gal...she is kind of sort of freaking amazing. The hardest part of crafting for me is time management. I never get anything done because I whine and complain about how much homework I have and blah blah blah but then sit on my butt and read blogs for an hour. Now
(both via her etsy)

Oh and did I mention she's having a giveaway at her blog? Oh, I didn't? Well, there ya go.


  1. oh, those are so pretty! i love the first one.

  2. Wow, It's a very cute Blog you have here!:)
    xx, Alice from bells and whistles
    Ps: Feel free to check out my Blog and if
    you want to follow me I would be so glad.

  3. LOVE your blog!
    please visit my blog and you may win a GIVEAWAY!

  4. Oh, I love this work! Excellent colors and vibrant characters and messages. In love with the first one!

    Crafting and making art is hard, you really have to be in the mood and cultivate your creativity.

    Love your artsy blog :)


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