Monday, July 19, 2010

Music Mondays: I love Pomplamoose! (a bit too much)

Whew, I'm back! My trip was tiring and stressful and wonderful at the same time. I needed to unplug and get out into "the wilderness" aka a ranch with hotel-like cabins surrounded by the prettiest forests and rivers. However, I would have never made it through the weekend without my newly stocked iTunes library.

I've been obsessed with this little couple on Youtube for quite a while and I just now have given in and paid for one of their CD's because let's face it, it's hard to live without their wonderful music! Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn have created their own whimsy corner of the internet and it's where I go when I'm in need of inspiration or had a terrible horrible no good rotten very bad day. Their band Pomplamoose is nothing I've ever heard before. I literally can't describe it. Think of it as an aqua colored cupcake served at a tea party for cowboys and spacemen.

They make videos. Video songs to be exact. Each of their videos show how the make the music so you know there are no hidden sounds or gimmicks. Pomplamoose is pure, raw talent. It's an art form. I wouldn't be getting so passionate about them (or any other music) if it wasn't.

Another thing I adore about these two is that in a video taken right after one of their first songs she Nataly says, "I was afraid I wasn't animated enough...I wasn't, like, flirting with the camera. I was just singing. Is that okay?" and then dear Jack responses with, "Of course. You're not fake." And that sums them up. They're not fake. They're adorable and brilliant and oh my gosh I'll just post a video already! If I can pick one...

Oh, and have you seen that car commercial with the indie cover of Mister Sandman in the background? Yeah, that's them too.

Pomplamoose Music
^^There you will find all of their music along with links to Jack's and Nat's music and other projects!

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