Monday, July 26, 2010

A Very Potter Musical Monday!

I was debating whether or not to feature these amazing people today or not. I love them so much, they are such an inspiration to me but I feel weird posting about something so popular that people already know about. Then it hit me--I need to blog about things I love about. If I didn't, then what's the point?

That's why I once again have a long, excited fan girl type post today.

I've always wanted to write a play or musical. These guys make me want to pick up a childhood book and start adapting it into ridiculous musical numbers.

Team Starkid (or known as Starkidpotter on youtube) is a group of former University of Michigan students who started performing together. In April 2009 they performed an original musical based on the Harry Potter sequel by J.K Rowling. Then, on July 5th 2009 it was uploaded to Youtube with the title A Very Potter Musical and almost instantly became a hit due to it's comedy and brilliant music. At seeing the great response from this, they then uploaded a project they had done previous to AVPM called Little White Lies, a web series. It didn't get quite the same response as a full blown stage musical. Their next show was Me and My Dick...which I have yet to watch due to it's topic.

Buuuut, just last Thrusday they answered their 57115 subscribers and uploaded A Very Potter Sequel! With pretty much the same cast (+ two of their amazingly talented writes with non-singing roles) and all new songs it packs a punch. It's a bit more vulgar and has a bit of "Starkid trying to be starkid" feel to it, but man oh man, these guys can't go wrong.

I was going to post a video of the sequel but I think you need to be hooked to the first one to really some of the jokes. Anyway, their first video has the best song in my opinion.

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  1. ahh i kept seeing screencaps of this on tumblr & wondering what it was! i shall go watch this immediately (:


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