Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

Okay, so it's not Tuesday anymore but I'm still up and truth be told, I completely forgot about the new segment I was going to add to the blog this week. I'm having way too much fun on my "new blog high".

It's Tutorial Tuesday, which means me digging though my bookmarks for those long forgotten "Oh, that would be so cool to follow! I'll have to do that sometime!" crafts tutorials and actually doing them this week.
You Don't Need New Paint Brushes.
No, Really.

I know this isn't really anything crafty, but it sure did throw me a loop. I'm one of those people that get tired after painting (or anything else really) and just leave everything out on the table. The next morning I wake up to find not only my art table a mess, but also my paint brushes. There's really no saving those babies. So, off to the nearest HobbyLobby I go. Or, I could just put my brushes in plastic baggies before calling it quit for the night. As simple as it seems I never really thought about it.

Freakin' Adorable Teeny-Tiny Faerie Journals
They're just about the cutest damn thing.

The brainchild on Kinckertwist, a fellow Craftster member, these Faerie Journals are just the right size for someone with the attention span of a small mammal, such as myself. I've been wanting to create some of these are journals and make them into charms for necklaces and such. Now to find a small hole punch...and some people who would be willing to take the thousands I plan to make off my hands...

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