Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You know what I love?

I love staying up past my critics* bedtime and doodling with gel pen and painting over it just to see what will happen and then saying "aw, screw it, this thing needs bright green poka-dots (pokadots? poke-a-dots?)" all while listening to struggling youtube singers with amazing talent. I also love writing run-on-sentences.

*my critic is a fictional character stolen from Diana Trout in her book Journal Spilling (which is pretty inspiring if you, like me, love journals and ruining them with water color). You're critic is that little voice in your head that says something like, "No, that's not what you planned to do." or "You've gotten this far, why don't you just stop before you screw it up? You'll never get it back" or something more simple such as "Just give up". My critic is my 13 year old self only dramatized into oblivion. She only wears black and ripped tights which she bought ripped and worships pop punk bands. She hates the color pink and doesn't like any of my ideas because they are too "conformist" (yet she loves Twilight, the bible of conformism, because it's "dark and gothic"). She is a complete and total hypocrite because she thinks I should work harder to make my craft look like everyone elses. Basically, my critic is the world's most annoying pre-teen.

What's your critic like?

p.s. Sorry for the lack of grammar. It's late and I don't quite care.

p.p.s Want to hear some of the music I was talking about? Have a gander. This is Julia Nunes with an amazing cover of an amazing song. This blog is starting to become musical :D

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