Monday, July 26, 2010

What is Art?

photo by fotologic on flicker

Seriously? What is it? When I told people I was going to take the summer off and just relax and work on my art they went, "Oh, you draw?", I can't draw to save my life. Since when is drawing the only art form?

I believe that art is up to the artist.

Art is anything and everything.
Art is an expression.
Art is creativity.
Art is making something outta nothing.
Art is not a masterpiece, it's something you're proud of.

I wouldn't call myself is artist. I enjoy it, but I'm not going to make money off it or go prancing around calling myself an artist just yet. I'm practicing and trying a little bit of everything. In fact, if I could spend my life doing a job that included painting(water color of course), writing, music, mixed media, building, movie making and fashion all snuggled up together in one, I'd be the happiest gal alive.

Until then I'll enjoy my little hobby and label it whatever the heckle I feel like.

What do you consider "art"? Does it have to fit into a certain category or be beautiful? I wanna hear your thoughts!

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  1. kyra, i love this, so well put! there are so many kinds of artists. dont let anyone take that from you.


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