Thursday, July 8, 2010

Childhood's a'calling

I grew up with scrapbooking and fancy shamcy craft supplies in my life. When I was five instead of finger painting I was pounding eyelets and using straight-cutters. I never got to the chance to paper-mache or anything else requiring good old Elmer's glue. So, I've been reclaiming my childhood and learning how to mix glue and water. I give you a real conversation between my mother and I:

Me: "What's the water to glue ratio?"

Mom: "3 parts glue, 1 part water?"

Me: "Uhh...what should I put this in?"

Mom: "I'm guessing a cup. Oh wait, a cup that can be thrown away."

Me: "What should I use? Like a paint brush? Won't the glue ruin it?"

Mom: "You'll wash the paint brush."

Me: "Oh...yeah...washing...right."

I was clueless. However, I think these frames came out really well. Making them is really addicting.
The first frame was made for my room, the second for my BF for his birthday...and yes that is Team Rocket and yes I did make it :) Yay for nerdy Demotivational Posters. Two pretty frames for 60 cents.


  1. Those frames are gorgeous!!! you did such a good job on them!!! that is so creative!!

  2. ooohh awesome!! that just gave me a neat idea for one of my forgotten frames here! :D love the second comics one! :D

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